Office visits are scheduled for specific dates and times. Sessions can be scheduled for 30, or 60 minutes or 90 minutes. It is important that the sessions begin and end on time. If you arrive 15 min past your allotted time your appointment may be cancelled.

A 24-hour cancellation notice is required to avoid a charge for this time. Cancellations for a Monday appointment should be made no later than Friday morning. If you are ill or have another emergency please notify the office as soon as possible at 813-906-7707.

Appintment Booking Dr. Megan Toufexis


Office Rates as of 2024
This office will remain cash pay only and is not contracted with any insurance companies.

Physician Providers

Board-certified Child/Adolescent & Adult Psychiatrist
Dr. Megan Toufexis, D.O.

Psychiatric Evaluation (New Patients): $500
🕙 60-90 Minutes

Follow-up Appointment: $220
🕙 30 Minutes

Extended Follow-up: $320
🕙 60 Minutes

Urgent Phone Appointment: $105
🕙 15 Minutes

Non-Physician Providers

Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant
Allison Kennel-Besselieu, APRN, PMHNP
Mary Katherine Charles, PA-C

Psychiatric Evaluation (New Patients): $450
🕙 60-90 Minutes

Follow-up Appointment: $160
🕙 30 Minutes

Extended Follow-up: $230
🕙 60 Minutes

Urgent Phone Appointment: $105
🕙 15 Minutes

Other Services/ Fees

Letter Fee (ie, IEP letters, service animal letters, disability forms)
5 days processing time: $100
For urgent letters, 1 day processing: $150

Genomind or other Pharmacogenomic Testing
For current patients: $100
For non-established patients: $350

Medical Cannabis (for established patients; new patient fees may vary)
Initial Evaluation: $300
Recertifications: $200

Neuro-Cognitive Assessments
Includes ADHD testing: $125

All requests for early medication refills between appointments, regarding medication/dose changes, side effects, etc. will require a 15min Urgent Phone Appointment with our Physician Assistant, Mary Katherine Charles (or other provider if determined necessary). We will not make medication changes without at least a 15 minute phone appointment, or early refills without an already-scheduled upcoming appointment.

Normal turnaround time for letters/forms is 5 days, though we make every effort to get these complete as soon as possible. If a letter or form is required sooner than this time, an additional $50 fee will apply as listed above.

Our office provides itemized billing using CPT codes following reimbursement guidelines used by insurance companies (ie, Superbills) to enable our patients to submit claims for out-of-network benefits reimbursement per their insurance coverage. There is no cost associated with requesting and provision of Superbills for this purpose.

Fees are subject to change; however, our office will do the best we can to keep patients informed of our most current fees, and any upcoming fee changes. For more information, feel free to contact our office for the most updated fee schedule. Thank you.


Please read carefully and feel free to call if you need clarification:
Appointments canceled less than 24 hours in advance will result in a full charge fee as we have many patients and limited appointment times in the new year.
Please make your scheduled appointments, if you know that refills are low this is the time to schedule a medication follow up. In the event that you do not have refills and do not have an appointment an urgent medication refill request form can be completed, if appropriate, for a charge of $35.
You are always welcome to call the office at 813-906-7707. Our office hours are Monday - Friday 9 to 4 pm.