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Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Management

Depression, ADHD, OCD, Eating Disorders, Anxiety

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation with Greenbrook TMS


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The most important part of treatment is for your physician to understand the medical, social, and psychological aspects of their patient. The initial adult assessment is a 60-minute comprehensive evaluation focused on obtaining an accurate psychiatric diagnosis and identifying symptoms for potential medication management, when medically necessary.

Child and Adolescent evaluations are 90 minutes in length and parents/guardians are an essential part of the evaluation. Any prior testing, medical reports, school reports or outside information that can be reviewed is encouraged to be part of the evaluation. Medications may be offered if warranted but often are not the only component to treatment.

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Each patient’s treatment plan is created for them and follow appointments, referrals, labs, and therapy will be offered based on each patient. Most follow visits will be 30 minutes in length and if family sessions are involved they will be 60 minutes.


We use an evidence-based medicine approach for psychiatric medication management. We believe that medication can be very helpful for some conditions but her treatment philosophy involves using the least amount of psychotropic medications. Education and medications and the risks and benefits along with lifestyle, parenting, and environmental changes will also be discussed. When medications are started patients will be seen more frequently to assess their response which is within 3-4 weeks. An individual can have very different responses to medications and now offer The Genecept Assay™ to help guide understanding how one’s genes can have different effects on medication response and side effects. genomind.com/patients


The office is located in a large office park. There is free, two‑hour, visitor parking in the front of the building.

Clinical information and advice will not be sent by email as it is not confidential.  Messages may be left on our voicemail  but due to the nature of outpatient practice, it may not be possible to respond immediately. Refill prescription requests left on phone will require 24‑48 hours to be filled.

If a situation requires an immediate response, please call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

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