Appointments will start and end at their scheduled times. In consideration of other patients, sessions cannot be extended for late arrivals.

Cancellation policy: A full session fee will be charged for cancelled or missed appointments if less than 1 business days of notice has been given. Email and calling are both accepted for cancellations of your appointment.

Initial Consultation: $450
30 Minute Medication Management with supportive therapy: $175
60 Minute Medication Management with supportive therapy: $300
The Genecept Assay™ – $50

Dr. Toufexis understand that questions, school and work forms, phone consultations with other providers are sometimes needed. She will return emails, phone calls and complete letters and forms free of charge if not extensive and can be completed in 5-10 minutes. If the scope of the question or forms are complicated and cannot be answered appropriately an phone or telepsychiatry appointment may be required. If calls and emails are quite frequent, appointments will need to be made more frequently to discuss the issues. Crisis interventions (such as extended telephone sessions) as well as extended paperwork requirements or other consultations not completed in session maybe charged at Dr. Toufexis’s discretion with credit card on file. In the event of an emergency, please contact 911 immediately and proceed to the nearest ER.


All outpatient visits must be paid in full online before the appointment or at the time of visit. If payment is not received, your credit card will be charged at the time of the appointment. Dr. Toufexis is not a member of any managed care insurance programs, but Dr. Toufexis accepts all major credit cards for all professional services. There will be a fee of $50 payments added onto fee if payment is denied.

Dr. Toufexis is not a part of any insurance panels and does not process requests for insurance reimbursement. As such, she is considered an “out of network” provider for most PPO plans. If you have a health benefits policy that provides mental health coverage, you may be entitled to insurance reimbursement for any provided professional services. Potential reimbursement is between you and your insurance carrier, and you may discuss this with your insurance company by contacting them directly. Dr. Toufexis can provide a one page invoice for patients to submit to their insurance carriers. Regardless of the patient’s ability to receive insurance reimbursement, full payment for all a services is required at the time of each appointment, as outlined above.